-Artist: Mystique 


8X10''  Acrylic /Ink 

-For this piece I was inspired by people and their different perceptions of what love is . Over time I have observed that they had varied approaches, personal perceptions. and grievances about love as an idea , as well as different correlations in their life that came to mind when they thought of love.

Spouses , pets , siblings, career, adventure, as well as other nouns were all things that came up with what they loved , and it all seemed to be mapped out on spectrums such as  how jaded or accepting they were to the idea, whether their hearts or their minds were allowed the most reign, whether their tendencies fell fickle or  overbearing or somewhere in the middle.      

             Overall I Have observed a reoccurring theme from the perspectives of  people who were , successful, Intelligent and deeply happy with the life they have created for themselves.  (couples who stay in love ,people who love  themselves,  people who love their bodies , their careers, their blessings , mistakes ans lessons etc) No matter the context or situation,  Love is just as much if not more a conscious choice as it is a subconscious feeling, its not always going to be easy and its not supposed to , because growth isn't always easy.  One can't truly be a lover of anything and not be a fighter(even if figuratively)  for  it (he,she,they,them,themselves etc)  existing here and bring that part of their lives to its fullest potential. 



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